Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Peace Child - Production 2011 hits the boards!

Such excitement filled the air as HCA production 2011 took to the boards! 

A splash of vibrant colour, outstanding live band provided from amongst the talented staff and internship program at the school, superb choreography and smiling faces are the memories that will never fade in the hearts of the 288 strong cast of Peace Child, and many, many helping hands of staff and parents who put this wonderful show together, under the guiding hand of Mrs Schnell, our drama teacher, ably assisted by Mrs Hawyes and music teacher, Mrs Pereira.

  Well done to all the children for their superb commitment and enthusiastic hearts!

It is the policy of HCA that all learners participate in the annual production, this year being the Intermediate Phase's turn to carry the main production.  The pictures were taken by Bonnydales Photography, and ARE COPYRIGHTED, so please do not copy from this site.  The cd's are available from the school office.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Marimba Mania!

At our fun photo shoot we did a few unusual shots and I thought that I would share this one with you!  From time to time we play so enthusiastically and with such passion that we accidentally break a note - this was posed!!!  We don't normally break them over someone's head...!

HCA Marimba Band!

Giraffes forever!
Italy!! Italy!!
We have just finished taking some portrait pics of the band for the school magazine. Each member was told to bring something that was their passion, other than marimbas, of course! Look at the individual flair of our bunch.

Hairdresser in the making....
Sing, Teddy!

Which mallet????
Ukulele Fever!
Crazy 4 Rhythm!
Watch that hockey stick!

Another Hockey stick!

Go Bokke!!
Marimba Marimba Marimba!!

Anyone for, Golf?


Me, my horse & my dog...
To the pointe!!!!

Another Golf champ!

Praise God for His rich and diverse gifts and personalities he blesses us all with!!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Crest Fest Art Exhibition

Look at all this Amazing Art


This year in our annual creative arts festival "CREST FEST", we had the opportunity of exhibiting 15 different schools Art! This was such a wonderful opportunity for teachers to exhibit their pupils work and for the sharing of ideas! The pupils also love having the opportunity of seeing what other children are doing in different schools! We hope that the our Crest Fest Exhibition continues to grow each year!

Thanks to all the Amazing Art teachers for sending their pupils fantastic work! A huge THANK YOU to BITS AND PIECES who supply our Art products for donating FANTASTIC hampers to all the participating schools!

Peace Child Prep!!

HCA parents, children and staff in the final frantic frenzied ferocious fanatical throes of the production of the Peace Child due to open NEXT WEEK!!
Getting to grips with the scenery...

Lost in the folds of endless metres of black cloth...

These parents deserve a medal, never mind a bouquet!!

All eyes on the Directors...the finale in rehearsal!
Could this be a shoeshine box? How do you polish a sandal??

We are so very blessed to have a parent body that is warm, helpful, willing, generous and full of fun.  Without them, we would not be able to do what we do.  Bless you!! and Thank you!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Grade 1 Art Club

We have just completed a term of Grade One Art Club!  What Fun! 
The Grade 1's are currently learning about  Farm Animals in the classrom! Each week we did a picture of  a different animals that lives on the farm! We finished off today with a FARMYARD  picture!  The pupils were so enthusiastic and such a pleasure to teach! These are some pictures of our work! 


"Look at my beautiful picture"


Look how blessed we are to have an Interactive White Board!      
Mrs Roberts Loves It!!!!!!!!!!!!