Musical Moments...

"Music Binds us together with invisible threads"
 by Mrs S. Pereira

HCA has so much talent! I want to encourage pupils to reach beyond their limits.
There’s a creative child inside of everyone: it just needs to be gently tapped into!

I’ve been so blessed to watch individuals grow into their own and improve in leaps and bounds!
Thank you to Charmaine Holloway, Judith Hawthorn, Alison Schnell and Carey Roberts. The support of the Arts and Culture Team is irreplaceable.

During Lessons the Grade 4’s take on the challenge of learning Violin and Grade 3’s the Recorder! Grades 1 and 2 learnt a few basic instruments, learning rhythms, notes and exploring all types of sounds and styles!
Grade 6 learn guitar and in Grade 7 the children have the opportunity to write their own songs

It’s been great for the children to have some foundation lessons and attain a cultural knowledge.

The Picnic Proms is an event that occurs 3 times a year and is open to anyone and everyone from HCA who wants to show off their talent, or just play a few tunes and notes! The proms have been a big success, where we’ve seen 5 year olds to 50 year olds getting involved and sharing their talents! The turnouts have been great and we’ve been able to fundraise for various events, including the tours involving the Senior Primary Choir and Marimba Team. There has been such a special atmosphere of encouragement and positivity. We plan to expand and continue the Proms into 2012!

Extra-mural Music Teachers have worked incredibly hard all year round, focusing on individual's needs. A few of our pupils enter competition. KZN and local Eisteddfods are optional as well as Exams, through The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College.