Marimba Mania!

Having fun at the 6th National Marimba Festival in Boksburg 2011!
The drums beat, the walls reverberate, your feet start tapping and your soul soars....yes, the sound of the HCA Marimba Band at rehearsal has reached you!  What an amazing time we share in the band room, rehearsing umpteen pieces and how the band surpasses our expectation every time with a flair that is born out of a love for music and its accessibility on the African marimba.  I am fully convinced that this instrument is the perfect instrument if used as a tool to instil a lifelong love of music and rhythm in young people of primary school age.
The Marimba Band now stands at 20 enthusiastic and dedicated members, led by husband and wife team, Mr and Mrs Holloway.  The band rehearses two to three times per week at the crack of dawn, and enjoys performances both at home and afield.  Auditions are held once a year to fill the spaces left by the older members moving on to high school. Many tears are shed as the outgoing members 'play it forward', passing on their skills at a marimba camp to the younger members before moving on.  Viva Marimba!

See the Marimba Band in action at the 6th National Marimba Festival!