Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Zulu Cultural Day 2011

The exquisite beadwork and display that met our visitors at the entrance to the hall
 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity! - Psalm 133:1
The sound of ululating women, the rhythmic beating of African drums, the smell of delicious traditional food and the sight of our media centre hall filled with Zulu people in beautiful traditional beads and finery was the scene that greeted parents and pupils alike at this year's Zulu Day, masterminded by our creative and hard-working Zulu teacher and put together by Gr6 learners, their parents and their teachers.
The children wore beadwork some of which they had made in Zulu class

First up was the HCA Senior Choir - proudly standing on the stage in their coloured T-shirts in the formation of the South African Flag. 

A moving rendition of 'Nkosi Sikelele', our National Anthem

Some beautiful traditional songs were sung to the delight of the participating audience and the gumboot dancers gave it their all!

The vibrant and energetic HCA Marimba Band performed next, also giving renditions of African traditional style music such as 'Thula, thula', 'Amen Allelujah' and 'Malaika'.
Kidding around whilst waiting their turn!

They also performed in their South African flavour kit - we truly are a Rainbow Nation!

After a delicious meal enjoyed by all - the hall was filled to capacity, without even room to walk between the tables - everyone listened to some inspiring and uplifting words in a speech given entirely in Zulu.  Of course, the day had to end with some passionate high kicks, claps, drums and dancing where all participated - young and old, all shapes and sizes...

As the invited guests left, they were treated to a peek at the delightful artwork that the children had been working on.

This was truly a day that will be remembered and treasured by all - a rich cultural experience that shows that we are indeed a nation that is blessed beyond measure in unique and wonderful customs seen nowhere else in the world - Africa is special, strong and passionate and we are raising a generation of children, with God's blessing, to see and accept all that is good about our incredible country.

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