Friday, 17 February 2012

Picnic Proms - first quarter 2012!

A brilliant turnout was witnessed at our first Picnic Proms of 2012 held on Saturday 11 Feb.  Even though the year has just begun, it was evident that the Creative Arts Department had lost no time in 'Developing Greatness'! 

The programme kicked off with the reserve marimba band giving a vibrant rendition of 'Sway' and led on to a few young promising vocal soloists, pianists and even a worship band, interspersed with wonderfully entertaining renditions by the Junior and Senior Choirs who seem to have learned much repertoire in a short time.  Way to go, Mrs Hawthorn and Mrs du Casse!

A super musical comedy,  'Cinderella', workshopped and written during the December / January break and produced and directed by Mrs Pereira (assisted by Mrs Schnell and guitar teacher Roxy Oschman) was presented by children who had attended the hugely successful theatre camp run by Mrs Pereira.  What extraordinary talent was witnessed!    The afternoon rounded off with the HCA Marimba Band 2012 performing an energetic arrangement of 'La Bamba' and a current hit, 'Beautiful People'.

A tuckshop was provided by the Marimba Band 2012 who were raising funds for their tour to the International Marimba Festival in August - this was a huge success, and most people left filled to the brim with delicious ice cream from Huberto's after being persuaded to buy these in aid of fundraising....What a sacrifice!! 233 ice creams were sold!!!

A huge thank you to Picnic Proms co-ordinator, Mrs Pereira for her hard work and preparation in providing this opportunity for our young musicians and actors to shine!  Thank you to Mrs Schell for organising the drama team as continuity announcers.  Well done!

Thank you, too, to Mrs Roberts for her help in making everything run smoothly and holding the Creative Arts Department flag high!

The lead actress in the musical produced and
directed by Mrs Schnell & Mrs Pereira
Question:  Has there ever been any other school that has been blessed with children of such diverse creative ability?  There is so much talent here just waiting to be harnessed!  And so many supportive parents....Thank you, Lord, for this recipe for success! 

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