Saturday, 5 November 2011

Celebrating Creativity...

What an amazing scene greeted visitors as they stepped into our Media Hall which had been transformed into a creatalicious delight, complete with chandeliers and water feature, gazebos and colourful lamps, teapots and china, and cushions and candelabra, as well as over 500 pieces of artwork for our annual Art Expo, the brainchild of our very own creative genius angel, Mrs Roberts!

Cupcake Heaven!

Cupcake Tower

Of Knights, Damsels and Castles...

Oh, A pirate life for me...!


Tree Frog

Chameleon colours

In the Farmyard


Self portrait

Much work (understatement of the year!!!) had gone into putting this amazing display up, with help from wonderful, hands-on parents and staff.  The exhibition opened on Wednesday with invited guest speaker Dee Harris from Thomas More College impressing upon the children and parents the importance of art in daily life.  After this, guests were treated to beautifully decorated cupcakes specially prepared by Candace Brown, and coffee.  Live music was provided by Mrs Shylo Pereira, Music Specialist, and a talented group of young solo vocalists from HCA.
If the shoe fits...

Pop art shoes

Self portrait

Baking time!

Whimsical Cake

Cake of Whimsy...

Self portrait

Wall of Africa:  Celebrating African Culture

Up close and personal...

Cupcake Tower

Voyage of the Vuvuzelas!

A huge thank you must go to all the children for their beautiful work, the parents and staff who helped so willingly, Fall's Electrical for providing the chandeliers, Diverse Landscaping for providing the water feature, and to John Wright for the draping of the venue.  Special thanks must also go to Mrs Roberts' mum and dad, who are not strangers to the Art Room at HCA, and help out on a regular basis!

We are so very proud of you, Mrs Roberts!  Thank you for acknowledging the potential and developing greatness in every child you teach!

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