Thursday, 24 November 2011

HCA Marimba Band 2012 plays at Woolworth's opening!

A freezing cold day, grey and pouring with rain did not stop our vibrant new band for 2012 from brightening up the day by playing marimbas with the energy and gusto that is their trademark - to the delight of eager shoppers and onlookers! This was their public debut!

Team talk and prayer

2012 band in action

Performance over and now, back to school!
A new Woolworth's Food Store has opened in Hillcrest and the band played to celebrate at the opening ceremony and our headmaster, Mr Temlett was asked to pray after the speeches were over.

Once again we were helped so willingly by parents in order to transport and load children and instruments to the venue.  Thank you, parents, we could never do this without your amazing support!  HCA Rocks!!

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