Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Choirfull term!

HCA Choir Report 1st Term
By Judith Hawthorn,
Choirmistress extraordinaire,
Curro HCA!

Mrs Hawthorn in fabulicious style!
It has been a very busy, but extremely rewarding 1st term at choir with performances at our Picnic Proms by both choirs, the FP Choir singing very sweetly at Open Day for our guests and appearances at assemblies to help the children get over their nerves!

The highlight of the term was undoubtedly our Senior’s choir camp at Kearsney, and we continue to reap the rewards of all the hard work done on camp.

The IP Choir were invited to sing at St Agnes Community Market on Saturday 17th March, and despite many children not being able to be there, the choir sounded fantastic!  I am SO proud of the results of a lot of hard work and commitment from the children.  Well done!  This time last year we did NOT have a 30 minute concert programme, and I have noticed such a huge improvement in the quality of sound, in the confidence of the harmonies and in keeping focused on the conductor.  Also hugely improved are everyone’s faces – singing with expression, smiling, all nervousness out the window, and just enjoyment shining out!  The children’s enthusiasm and sense of ownership of the choir is very apparent as they continue to give input as to how and what to sing, where to put choreography and in evaluating their performances.

Monday 19th March, both choirs sang at Hillcrest Primary’s Easter Celebration to a packed audience.  We enjoyed listening to all the other participating schools as they shared their music, with special guest, Pierre van der Westhuizen, drawing appreciative and enthusiastic applause from us all.

The FP choir has seen a wonderful surge of boys joining the choir and we have a group of children who are exceptionally committed and are thoroughly enjoying their time singing in the choir.

We look forward to lots of music-making as well as exciting concerts coming up in the 2nd term, and the highlight will definitely be our participation in the Queensburgh Festival.

My thanks to Mrs Burns, Mrs Hawyes and Ms Du Casse for their help and thank you parents for your support.

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