Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hurtling towards our Speech & Drama Festival: Drama Dept. 2012!

The Drama Department has been very busy in the first part of this year with the Speech and Drama Festival fast approaching. Each intermediate phase class is involved in a group item, which will be performed on 22 March for an adjudicator who is coming from the Speech and Drama Association of South Africa.

Our Grade 4s and 6s are doing Choral Verses.

Grade 4C – The Land of Mites & Maybees by Arden Davidson

Grade 4G – Little Red Riding Hood and The Worlf by Roald Dahl

Grade 4T – The Fox & The Crow by Cynthia Ryder

Grade 6B – It’s Cool Jack, It’s Cool by Brenda Williams

Grade 6H – Macavity – The Mystery Cat by T.S. Eliot

Grade 6T – Sea Shoals Sea Shows on the Sea Bed by Paul Cookson

Each class has worked so hard on their poem to make sure that they sound memorable. We have had fun with different sounds effects made by the children as well as interesting actions to enhance each poem. Now we just hope for some noteworthy results.

Our Grade 5s and 7s are doing Theme Programmes, as an entire Grade. This has posed to be a mammoth task that I am not sure I would undertake again. The main reason being that the group is just too big when all together in the performance area. However, we have worked hard to make sure that the Theme Programmes are full of fun and clever Dramatic skills.

Grade 5 – Dancing with God – This Theme Programme includes a Choral Verse called Dancing with God, a Skit called Jesus Can Dance and a movement piece to the song by Matt Redman called Dancing Generation.

Grade 7 – New York – This Theme Programme includes a Choral Verse called Last Night I Saw the City Breathing, a prose excerpt from the book Cricket in Times Square and a movement piece to the song by Alicia Keys called New York.

Our Drama Team which is made up of 12 Grade 6 and 7 learners is doing a Theme Programme entitled Jack and The Bean Stalk. The group start with a rap called the Beanstalk Rap, followed by a Rhyming play called Jack & The Beans Talk, which includes a song called Cow For Sale. With very few rehearsals thus far, we are hoping to have this Theme Programme looking absolutely fabulous by the festival.

Individual learners are also going to be performing items for the Festival. These items include Poetry Speaking, Show & Tell, Story Telling and Monologues. There is so much talent within these children that I think the adjudicator is going to be in for a treat!

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